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Metabolic Rate – Tipps To Boost It and to Burn Belly Fat — The Fastest Way to Burn Stomach Fat and Get Six Pack Abs

Metabolic Rate – Tipps To Boost It and to Burn Belly Fat

metabolic-rate-boosting-vegetablesMetabolic rate is basically the rate by which your body digests and burns calories.
A higher metabolic rate helps digest food quickly while low metabolic rate achieves the opposite effect.

This is one reason why accelerating your metabolic rate is so highly recommended by doctors and other fitness experts – it can help to trick your body into burn more calories.
Let’s take a look at some of the ways to boost your metabolic rate.

Essential Minerals and Vitamines

Vitamin B plays a huge role in the synthesis of our DNA as well as our central nervous system. Without it, we would feel depressed, out of energy, and also be at a high risk of chronic disease.
It is important that you are taking an adequate dose of Vitamin B on a daily basis.
Not only is it healthy, but it increases your metabolic rate and ultimately, helps you lose much more weight.

Some foods that are high in Vitamin B include beans, fish, eggs, poultry, spinach, and melon.

Magnesium is also important for similar reasons.
It is also a primary stimulant in the product of cells within our body. Without taking magnesium, we would be at risk of a wide array of health issues.
Basically, magnesium is all about going green.
Green vegetables are extremely potent with it as so are peanuts and cashews.
Other foods that are high in magnesium include black-eyed peas, oatmeal, and most whole-grain cereals.


A good way to boost metabolism is if you snack on a regular basis and make sure that you are eating healthy snacks.
Unhealthy ones will only defeat the process of trying to increase your metabolic rate in the first place.
Be sure that you are following regular dieting guidelines and eating the correct foods.
Healthy proteins and carbohydrates such as bananas or peanut butter are excellent snacks as they are healthy and provide you with a lot of energy.
Trail mix and other forms of nuts also make for great snacks.

Start the Day Right

One of the main reasons why people have slow metabolisms is because they fail to eat breakfast in the morning.
Studies have shown that you can increase your metabolism by more than 10 % if you start the day with a big breakfast.
Eating big portions of food at night and eating nothing in the mornings is the fastest and most effective to gain weight something that you do not want.
Even if you don’t eat that much, something is always better than nothing when it comes to starting your day off.



Aside from eating, working out is the best thing you can do to increase your metabolic rate. When you exercise, you are rapidly burning all available resources in your body. As a result, your rate of digestion increases and you automatically become hungrier. The best part about exercising is that it kills two burns with one stone: it increases your metabolism and it helps you lose weight in the process.
Now, there are a few exercises that you can do that will really speed up your metabolic rate. Always incorporate some free weight training which includes HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) and a variety of different full body exercises. The aim is to do exercises that burns fat and to achieve this, we recommend doing about 2-3 different interval training workouts so you can find some that works well for you.

For one, you should be running on a regular basis. If you cannot run, then try to walk.

metabolic workouts

metabolic workouts

Interval training exercises are excellent for helping you to burn calories and increase metabolic rate.
You should also include a form of strength training into your routines. Strength training helps stimulate muscle grown and provides your body with the functionality needed to remove harmful toxins.
Strength training is also a huge fighter when it comes to increasing metabolic rate. Experts suggest that you incorporate both into your workout schedules.

Do not Eliminate Calories

When you are trying to boost metabolism, understand that cutting out calories all together is bad. This is the best way to slow your body down and de-stimulate the digestive process.
While you should not cut out calories, you should be cutting out unhealthy ones. It is okay to eat plenty of calories as long as those calories are based on healthy meals.

When you cut out all forms of calories, you are basically depriving your body of all the natural energy that it requires to function.
In return, it will shut down and your metabolic rate will slow way down.

The best way to reverse this process is to eat as many snacks throughout the day as you possibly can.
Healthier snacks like fruits and vegetables are much better alternatives and will achieve the same end result.


Increasing your metabolism is a good tactic to use if you_re trying to lose serious weight.
The best part is that once you get it going, it becomes less stressful on you to perform.
Make sure you are adding in a good amount of workout into your routines and always eat a strong breakfast before you start each day.

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