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Body Fat Percentage – What is Optimal to See Your Abs? – Review — The Fastest Way to Burn Stomach Fat and Get Six Pack Abs

Body Fat Percentage – What is Optimal to See Your Abs? – Review

optimal body fat percentageThe following article (by Tom Venuto www.BurnTheFat.com) belongs to my favourites about  fast ways of burning belly fat, providing exact facts, benchmarks and numbers about optimal body fat percentage.

I highly recommend reading it, because that can give you the right perspective to succeed in your fat loss efforts and is an interesting read as well!

Measuring your body fat percentage is an useful device to chart your progress on your journey to obtain 6 pack abs. Hopefully many individuals understand now that abdominal physical exercises don’t burn fat off your tummy. Abdominals are made in the kitchen area, not merely in the gym. No matter how much you work out, if you don’t eat right and accomplish a gram calorie deficit, your abs will certainly other protected in a layer of adipose.

When the understanding hits you that you must lessen your body fat percentage to see your abs, among the greatest questions that pops into your thoughts is, “exactly how low do I have to obtain my body fat percentage to see my abdominals?” It’s a challenging concern and the response may be different for men than women.

Below’s exactly what I ‘d suggest:.

Initially, turn accustomed to some benchmarks for body fat quantity.

My Burn The Fat System has a body fat score scale, which consists of standards and my recommended optimal body fat percentages. This is my own chart, which I created with a mix of study literature and my own individual encounter.

Burn The Fat Body fat rating range:


Competition Shape (“ripped”): 8-12%
Very Lean (excellent): < 15%
Lean (good): 16-20%
Satisfactory (fair): 21-25%
Improvement needed (poor): 26-30%
Major improvement needed (Very poor): 31-40%+


Competition Shape (“ripped”): 3-6%
Very Lean (excellent): < 9%
Lean (good): 10-14%
Satisfactory (fair): 15-19%
Improvement needed (poor): 20-25%
Major improvement needed (Very poor): 26-30%+



Merely a fast note: You’re not destined to obtain fatter as you get more mature, but in the basic populace (not physical fitness and muscle building people), the typical older individual has more body fat.

What I did to suit this was to consist of a body fat range as opposed to one number, so more youthful individuals can utilize the low end of the variety and older individuals can use the higher variety.

Additionally, so the typical subscriber can try to keep things in viewpoint, single figure body fat for females and low solitary digits for men is much past lean– it’s RIPPED– which’s normally only the domain of competitive figure sportsmens.

Competitors body fat levels were not suggested to be kept all the time. It’s not realistic and it may not be healthy, specifically for females.

For most women, 12 % body fat or thereabouts is torn, and for many, that’s contest ready (figure or health and fitness competitors).

Simply for contrast, I’ve done over 7,000 body fat percentage examinations throughout my profession, and the most affordable I have actually ever before determined on a female was 8.9 % (4-site skinfold technique). She was a national-level figure competitor and she was shredded– full six group of abs … “onion skin!”.

Nonetheless, I do know some women that obtain down to 11-13 % body fat– by all criteria very lean, complete with six group abdominals– but unusually, they still had a couple of persistent fat spots– typically the hips and lower body.

What about men? Well, I know a guy who looks definitely chiseled in his abs at 11 % body fat, however other men don’t look truly reduced in the abs until they come down to 6-8 % body fat. Health builders generally aren’t all set for competition until they turn below 6 %.

That’s the difficulty with trying to pin down one particular body fat number as THE body fat level for seeing 6-pack abdominals (or being torn and contest-ready): Everyone disperses their body fat in different ways and two people might look various at the very same portion.

The average person or gal ought to possibly aim for the “lean” category as a sensible year round target, or if you’re really eager and dedicated, the “really lean category.”.

You’ll possibly need to strike the “extremely lean” group for six group abdominals. Nonetheless, the bottom line is that there’s no “excellent” body fat recentage where you’re assured of seeing your abs.

Besides, body fat is among those numbers that gets fudged and overdone regularly. I hear records of ladies with body fat in between 4 % and 8 % and I usually disregard it as mistake in dimension (or there’s some “help” entailed).

Body fat screening, particularly with skinfolds, is not a specific science. All body fat examinations are estimations and there is constantly room for human error.

The reduced varieties behave for boasting civil liberties, yet the courts don’t assess your body fat on stage. Exactly what counts is exactly how you look and whether you’re delighted with that (or whether the judges are happy with it, if you’re contending).

You could use my chart to aid you place some initial goals, but also for the many component, I advise using body fat screening as a method of graphing your development over time to see if you’re enhancing instead of going after some holy grail variety.

In my Burn The fat, Feed The Muscle program, you can learn more regarding the best ways to determine your body fat percentage– expertly or also by yourself in the privacy of your own home.

Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle describes why health mass index and height and weight charts are essentially pointless, and reveals you ways to track your body make-up gradually and “tweak” your nutrition and training according to your regular results.


Get more details at: www.BurnTheFat.com

Tom Venuto, author of
Burn The Fat Feed The Muscle

Founder & CEO of
Burn The Fat Inner Circle

About the Author:

Tom Venuto

Tom Venuto is a fat loss expert, lifetime natural (steroid-free) bodybuilder, freelance writer, and author of the #1 best-selling diet e-book, Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle: Fat-Burning Secrets of The World’s Best Bodybuilders & Fitness Models (e-book) which teaches you how to get lean without drugs or supplements using secrets of the world’s best bodybuilders and fitness models. Learn how to get rid of stubborn fat and increase your metabolism by visiting: www.BurnTheFat.com or http://www.BurnTheFatInnerCircle.com

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