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About Me – How I Got Rid of 44 lbs of Stomach Fat — The Fastest Way to Burn Stomach Fat and Get Six Pack Abs

About Me – How I Got Rid of 44 lbs of Stomach Fat

Welcome to my site:

The Fastest Way to Burn Stomach Fat & Get Six Pack Abs



“They Were Laughing When I Told I’d Lose All My Stomach Fat in two months

– But When I Got Leaned Abs They Were Begging For My Secrets!”



You are probably here, because you’ve been struggling at losing your unwanted stomach fat and because you never gave up to get an attractive, leaned body – so, you are at the right place now and… the first suprising news is:

1. Until NOW… You’ve Been Misled to Do All of the Wrong Exercises…

 2. Until NOW… You’ve Been Misled to Eat Harmful and Fattening foods…

But it’s not too late!

What you will find Here is:

A.) The True and Fastest Way to Lose Your hated Stomach Fat!

 B.) The Most Effective Nutrition Approach and Fat Burning Workouts to Get Six Pack Abs!


You will find here the FASTEST and MOST EFFECTIVE Methods of Getting Flat and Lean Abs by burning  stomach fat with the right workouts and by healthy, tasty nutrition.  All articles on http://start-to-burn-fat-today.com provide highly informative knowledge, tips and tricks and other resources on everything you’ll ever need to know about how to get six-pack abs and a healthy, lean body without huge efforts or hunger, without any bogus “fat-loss” pills, etc… within only 60 days.

I’ve got rid of 44 pounds of (approx. 20 kg) of ugly body fat  within two months in 2011 with the help of one of the best Fat Burning – Weight Loss Program available  on the Internet.

Today I feel full of POWER plus 20 years younger (I’m 48 now) and I want to share the  know-how of this OUTSTANDING ACHIEVEMENT with YOU too (which I am proud of). Do you want to know how you can do the same? Check out my articles and fitness products – Here You Get The Right Tools To Succeed at Transforming Your Body!

Just to show you that I’m not talking B.S., take a look at this photo, how I looked like before and after:

    I’m telling you, it was not difficult at all. If you are ready to spend 3 x 30 minutes per week (!!!) on fun workouts and you are ready to make some changes to your eating habits, you will get your six-pack abs, guaranteed! Even if you are too busy working, have no time, you can find some minutes during driving or at work at your desk to do some “invisible” workouts. Actually, your success depends 70% on your nutrition and just 30% on fitness workouts. Are you surprised now? Just read my articles and you will find out some really shocking secrets about foods and burning stomach fat.

If you’re interested in taking your fat-loss efforts to an entirely new level, sign up for our newsletter on this site and grab your FREE FAT LOSS REPORT which details 27 unique methods for boosting your metabolism and losing belly fat!

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me:

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